Does This Sound Familiar…?

You own a property, that you use infrequently and would like to generate hands free income to offset costs such as taxes, upkeep and more. Or you own rental properties in Northern Michigan, however, live downstate and are finding it difficult to manage the property from afar, relying on weekend trips, missed days of work and frustration.

We can help…

Not everyone is comfortable managing rental properties and some just want to own the property and hand off the daily tasks to experienced professionals. Think of the stress that would be eliminated worrying about tenants or guests and the responsibilities involved, property maintenance, maintaining occupancy and more.

It’s critical with a vacation property to project a professional, inviting image. Bad news travels fast on the internet and all it will take is a guest that is not completely satisfied with the experience to generate a negative review at any one of the countless online review blogs. A negative review could seriously impact your future ability to maintain a high occupancy rate.

Similarly, tenant occupied properties are equally as fragile, in some ways more so. Word of mouth in a small community is as damaging as negative feedback online.

With over 30 years of  property management experience, Northern Great Lakes Property Management is ready to assist you.

We can provide support with any property, large or small. Single family, multi-family or larger. We are available to manage short and long term guest occupied vacation properties as well as short and long term tenant occupied properties. And since many seasonal properties rely on multi day or weekly rentals, we are able to provide rapid turnovers, including cleaning and preparation, for guest occupied properties.

Additionally, if you are comfortable on managing the property on your own we can assist you in exterior maintenance, winterizations, dewinterizations and more.

This site provides brief background on our history, mission and methods to assist you in successful and rewarding property ownership. If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page or use a method shown below.


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